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  1. Small Quote

Small Quote

Small Quote block on the frontend.

A miniature, versatile quote with headshot and citation support.


The Small Quote is a very simple block that allows you to easily make attractive quote elements. The Small Quote produces valid <blockquote> markup. The citation is rendered as a <cite> block. We’ve designed this block to fit well in the middle of text, like a pull quote you’d find in a magazine. If you’d like more sizing options, you can go with this block’s big brother, the Large Quote.

Because this block is so simple, there are no options to choose in the sidebar. The block supports a Quote, and the quote attribution has three parts: Headshot, Name, and Title.

The citation Name is displayed with an <h4> tag. The Title is displayed with the <small> tag.

Change a headshot in the block editor.

To add a Headshot, click on the headshot icon to open your media library. If you don’t add a headshot, the Name and Title will appear centered underneath the quote on the frontend.

Small Quote