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  1. Accessing Your Dirigible Site

Accessing Your Dirigible Site

Logging In

To login into your site, simply type in your website’s domain name followed by: /admin

For example, Dirigible Studio’s login address would be:

Enter your Username/Email Address and Password. Click the Log In button.

Password Reset

If you can’t remember your password, reset it by clicking on Lost your password? (located just below the Log In button). Or, enter your domain’s URL plus the following text:


For example, if someone at Dirigible Studio loses their password, they would enter:

Instructions for resetting your password will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

The Backend

Upon logging in, you’ll be sent to your website’s backend. This is where all aspects of your website are managed (minus a few exceptions, such as hosting or third-party analytics), including content, forms, user access, plug-ins, etc. The purpose of this documentation is to provide a thorough guide on how to add content to your site. Feel free to play around with your site – creating pages, posts, forms – and experiment with the different content blocks. Just about anything done on the site can be reverted back to a previous version of your site. Please keep in mind, though, that if you publish something publicly, it can be seen by anyone visiting your site. Discretion is advised. That said, it’s easy to undo changes or delete anything you’ve created. The more you understand the mechanics of how to create new content on your site, the more you’ll get out of it. So, back to where we left off…

The Top Menu

Along the top menu are a series of icons – some you’ll see, others you may not (and that’s okay… the image above reflects what a multi-site admin sees). The icons you see here include:

  • Circle W: WordPress information
  • My Sites: If you have multiple websites that you’re managing, those will be listed here.
  • House icon: If you want to visit your site to see the frontend (aka how visitors experience your site), click on this icon.
  • Speech bubble: New comments are listed here (if that’s a feature you’ve enabled or utilized somewhere on your site, such as a blog or product review section).
  • Plus sign: Use this shortcut to quickly create new posts, pages, people, etc. These options are available on the left side menu as well.
  • Form: Create new forms or manage existing ones

The Navigation Menu

Along the left side of your screen is the Navigation Menu. You’ll use it to manage content on your site; it also contains tools used to control aspects of your site that aren’t necessarily visible to users.

View of the Navigation menu.