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Background Image

Use a photo from your media library or upload a new one to use as a background.

Choose a Background Image

You can choose a background image in the block sidebar by clicking on the ‘Choose Photo’ button. You’ll be prompted to select a photo from your media library or upload a new one.

Once you’ve selected a photo to use as your background, new options will take the place of the one you used to select the photo. The first is a simple button to remove the image that you’ve selected, allowing you to start this over.

The second is the Focal Point selector. This tool allows you to select the most important point of your photo that your website will try to always keep visible. Because of the responsive nature of the web, images used as a background must stretch and cover the area when viewed on different device sizes, but this focal point allows to us to keep what’s important in frame.

Set an Overlay

Whether you need to darken or tint an image to maintain the legibility of text on top of it or as a stylistic choice, there are many situations where you’ll want to add an overlay to your background image. The overlay tool in your block sidebar lets you choose a color from your palette (with the addition of pure black or pure white). The overlay opacity slider will determines how much overlay to apply to the background image, with 100% being solid color.

Select X as the overlay color to disable the overlay completely, or set its opacity to 0%.

Background Attachment

Some blocks allow you to set the background attachment. A background with Fixed attachment will remain anchored to the browser window as the user scrolls, creating a parallax effect.