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April 30th, 2024 Feature Roundup

Current Theme Version: 5.22.29
Current Blocks Version: 4.7.65

Changelog Summary

The Theme

The recent updates to your WordPress theme have focused on enhancing usability and ensuring compatibility with the latest web standards. Improvements include fixing a bug that prevented zero values from being saved in the customizer, introducing smoother editor interactions, and enabling dynamic logo changes on scroll. The theme now supports the latest WooCommerce 8.8 and WordPress 6.5 versions, enhancing compatibility with important blocks like the WP Query and Woo Product Block. Additionally, user experience enhancements include a new warning screen for private blogs, better query functionality in post blocks, and corrected video embed aspect ratios to ensure content displays correctly across devices. These changes collectively streamline user interactions and extend the theme’s functionality.

The Blocks

Recent updates to the Dirigible Blocks plugin have significantly improved the editing experience and extended compatibility with WordPress 6.5. Enhancements include fixes for columns and appenders in the editor, addition of new button styles to the Hero block, and a shift to more advanced link management tools. A major feature update is the introduction of a unified Quote block that merges the functionalities of the Small and Large Quote blocks into a single, more versatile block, simplifying maintenance and improving usability. The plugin also now offers expanded grid layout options, including settings for six or seven items per row, enhancing layout flexibility for users. These changes collectively streamline content creation and ensure the plugin remains robust and user-friendly.

Theme Changelog

## 5.22.28

Fixed error where sometime a 0 value did not get saved in the customizer, instead it was seeing it as null and reverting to the default value.

Added new editor styles to remove some of the jumpiness of appenders and inserters.

## 5.22.26

Enable different logo on scroll.

## 5.22.25

Compatibility for the WP Query block, and the Woo Product Block

Update Templates for WooCommerce 8.8

## 5.22.22

Added giant warning screen when the blog is set to private.

## 5.22.21

Remove leading spaces

## 5.22.20

WordPress 6.5 Support

## 5.22.19

Added AND and OR to post block query builder.

## 5.22.18

Hide SEO Robots option to prevent people from getting in trouble.

## 5.22.17

Fix video embeds aspect ratio.

Block Changelog

## 4.7.64

Fix columns in the editor.

Fix appenders in editor.

Added button styles to hero (hollow and alternate).

## 4.7.63

Fix quote block in editor.

## 4.7.62

WordPress 6.5 support

Removed all instances of URLInput in favor of LinkControlSearchInput

## 4.7.61

Hide old quote blocks from inserter.

## 4.7.60

NEW: Unified Quote Block!

The quote block can now do all the things that the Small Quote and Large Quote blocks previously did and much more. This is a way more versitile block and will be easier to maintain.

DEPRECATED: Small Quote and Large Quote blocks.

## 4.7.59

Add option to grid block for 6-per-row.

Add option to grid block for 7-per-row.