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  1. Blocks


Discover how to use our blocks to their fullest potential.

We’ve built this site using these blocks as well. If you’d like to see most of these in action, head on over to our showcase page. If you can dream it, we can help you build it.


A container for other blocks with fully editable background options.

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The core buttons block, with added options and styles.

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Dirigible Blocks example


Two blocks, side by each, each with alignment and background functionality.

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Comparison Table

Show pricing tiers in an attractive, easy-to-use way.

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Everything you could want in a columns block. Two container blocks, side by side, each with alignment functionality.

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people block on the frontend

Dirigible People

A flexible display block and dedicated post type. Show off your team however you’d like!

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Embed a YouTube video with just the URL.

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Present FAQ that are both user-friendly and SEO friendly.

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Dirigible's Gutenberg Grid block on the frontend.


Arrange different types of cards in a grid that looks great at any viewport size.

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A hero block on the frontend of a website.


Introduce a page in an attractive way with correct heading tags.

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Jump Nav

Allow users to quickly navigate between anchor points on a single page.

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Link in Bio on Phone


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The Logos block on the frontend.


A row of logos or images with responsive size and spacing options.

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Map block.


Embed an interactive map provided by Google Maps.

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Media and Text

A suite of specialized blocks to showcase media alongside content. Includes variations for photos, videos, maps, and embeds.

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Photo feature block on the frontend.

Photo Feature

Let your photography shine with a print style layout.

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Posts block


Display your blog posts anywhere, any way. Both list and grid views available.

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Price List block on the frontend.

Price List

A list of prices and descriptions, useful for restaurant menus or a list of services.

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Large quote block.


A suite of quotes to provide more flexibility than the core quote blocks.

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A versatile, performant carousel that can hold anything.

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Structured List block

Structured List

Lists with header and body list items, complete with custom numbering or icon options.

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Timeline block on the frontend.


An attractive way to display chronological events or milestones.

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The Dirigible Vignette block.


Media and text with a twist.

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Video Gallery block.

Video Gallery

A collection of embedded content, from YouTube or any other source.

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