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  1. Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Video Gallery block.

A collection of embedded content, from YouTube or any other source.


This no-frills block is a quality-of-life update we’ve made for WordPress. A gallery of embedded videos (or any other content) is a common UX pattern. This block does just that, without all the unnecessary bloat. The Video Gallery is a parent block that contains core Embed blocks. This block can hold anything that can be embedded in WordPress.

Note: You can replicate this block with the Grid block filled with YouTube cards. This will give you some more styling and content options.


The Columns field determines the maximum amount of cards allowed per row. No matter how many items per row you have your Grid block capped at, it will seamlessly break cards to the next row depending on viewport size until it reaches the maximum allowed.

To access this setting, you must have the parent block selected.

Video galley with 2 columns.

2 Columns

Video Galley with 4 columns

4 Columns

Add an embed to the video gallery.

Adding Embeds

To add a card to the gallery, click on the prompt in the editor.

Video Gallery