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Display your social media anywhere. Update an account and it will update everywhere.

While you can use the core WordPress Social Media Icons block to add a custom social media icon list, most of the time you’d rather just display your site’s social media accounts that you’ve entered in the customizer.

The Socials block allows you to quickly and easily display all your accounts anywhere you’d like. If you update one of your accounts or add another, there’s no need to worry about combing through your site to find any instance where your socials and manually update, this block takes care of all of that for you.


Block justification is much like text alignment, but it applies to the entire block instead of just the text.

Depending on the block, the justification setting might be in the block controls above your block or in the block sidebar, but the icons will always be the same. Selecting one of these icons will set the block justification on the block left to be either left, center, or right.

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The color setting allows you to select one of the colors from your site’s color palette for the block’s content.

Color can be set in the block sidebar. The color options provided will be taken from the colors defined in your palette in the customizer. You can change your pallete any time you’d like to implement site-wide color changes.

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Icon Size

Use the icon size control to adjust the size of any icons contained within the block. This block-level control ensures all the icons will be appear consistently.

You can adjust the icon size from the block sidebar using the icon size range control. This numbers on the scale represent a sliding scale that is not in real units (like pixels), but instead a sliding scale. Pick the one you think looks the best!

If you are editing a block with Inner Blocks, be sure to select the parent block to adjust the icon size of it’s Inner Blocks. We’ve made this a parent block control so you can quickly and uniformly adjust the size of all the icons it contains, rather than having to adjust each child block.

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