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Dirigible FAQ block on the front end of a website.

FAQ on the frontend.

Present FAQ that are user-friendly and highly crawlable.


The FAQ block is a container that holds FAQ children cards, and is used to display frequently asked questions. Although the answer section of each question works best when its text-based, there is support for many other different blocks within answers. With great power comes great responsibility, however, and we’d caution against abusing it!

FAQ block schema example.


Our FAQ block comes with schema markup baked in, which means that anything you write here will be eligible for rich text search engine results.


Although each question is in its expanded state in the editor to provide an easier editing experience, this behavior can be changed on the front-end of the site.

When the layout is set to Static, the answers will always be shown on the front end of the site. When set to Accordion, the answer will be hidden until the user clicks on its corresponding quesiton.


The FAQ parent block provides different style presets for your block, including the defaultcards, compact, separator, and naked options. In order to select a style, make sure you are focused on the parent block rather than the child cards.

Gutenberg FAQ block with the outlined style selected.


Gutenberg FAQ block with the cards style selected.


Gutenberg FAQ block with the compact style selected.


Gutenberg FAQ block with the separator style selected.


Gutenberg FAQ block with the naked style selected.


Parent Block

This block contains both a parent wrapper block and as many children blocks as you would like. You’ll only be able to control block-wide styles from the parent block.

In general, the parent block will handle styling and block options that all the child blocks will inherit. While editing a child block, you’ll be able to change block setting and content related to that child block only. For example, while editing a card in a Grid block, you’ll be able to change the headline and button link, but you’ll need to select the parent Grid block in order to change the number of cards in each row.

For this reason, you’ll often find yourself selecting the parent block of a child block. There are a couple really simple ways to do this.

While a child block is selected, the parent block will show up in the block control bar above it to the far left. Click it to quickly select the parent.

You can quickly traverse up the block tree by clicking on the path bar at the bottom of the page.

Open list view by clicking its icon in the toolbar to the top left of your page. From there, you can more easily navigate blocks on your page.

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Inserting FAQ Cards

While the FAQ parent block is focused, the block inserter + icon will appear at the bottom of the last card. This allows you to add more cards into this block.