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March 26, 2024 Feature Roundup

Current Theme Version: 5.22.16
Current Blocks Version: 4.7.58

Changelog Summary

The Theme

The recent updates to the WordPress theme emphasize enhancing the user experience, aesthetic adjustments, and resolving specific functionality issues. Key improvements include better CSS handling for improved page layout, more flexible logo management through plugin actions, and the introduction of print styles for visual consistency. Notable features such as default support for YARPP with customizable templates and options for displaying post meta information offer users more control over content presentation.

Other significant enhancements address alignment issues in group blocks, simplify the columns layout by removing unnecessary elements, and introduce new icon backgrounds for a refreshed look. The updates also focus on fixing editor-specific layout problems and refining the lightbox feature for a smoother visual experience. Overall, these changes aim to provide a cleaner, more intuitive interface for both end-users and developers, ensuring a seamless integration of style and functionality.

The Blocks

The latest enhancements to the Dirigible Blocks plugin for Gutenberg focus on refining functionality, expanding customization options, and ensuring a cohesive user experience. Key updates introduce a lazy load toggle for the Hero block and a title option for the Site Preview block, improving both performance and usability. The addition of proper breadcrumb schema and a class to the breadcrumbs block enhances SEO and styling capabilities, complementing the newly introduced Breadcrumbs block.

Improvements to the Quote blocks ensure correct class application and wider alignment options, addressing past inconsistencies. Structured list cards have been updated to fill their parent containers fully, ensuring a uniform appearance regardless of content volume. A significant organizational update is the consolidation of all blocks under the ‘Dirigible’ category for easier access, coupled with backend style respect for photo and text blocks, reflecting a commitment to seamless backend and frontend consistency.

Counter blocks now feature the ability to add prefixes and suffixes, enhancing their flexibility for displaying numbers with additional context like currency or magnitude indicators. These updates, alongside fixes to hero block alignments and the latest npm package versions, demonstrate a focused effort on improving the plugin’s functionality, usability, and overall user experience, ensuring that Dirigible Blocks remain a versatile and user-friendly option for Gutenberg users.

Theme Changelog

## 5.22.16

Added better handling for important css

FIX: Fixed the buttons for not ruining page layouts when very long.

## 5.22.15

Changed the logos to be included via actions, so that we can deregister and replace the logo action from plugins.

## 5.22.12

Add some normal-print styles for sections that are within a reverse-print block.

## 5.22.10

Remove py-block from columns layout.

## 5.22.09

NEW: Added default support for YARPP with a custom template and options in the customizer if the plugin is enabled.

NEW: Added option to display the post meta either above or below the post content on single blog pages.

## 5.22.08

Fix alignwide group blocks within alignwide.

## 5.22.06

FIX: Fixed grids in the editor that were not in a section block. This was a CSS issue that only affected the editor.

FIX: Fixed grids not correctly displaying the grid gap in the editor by moving the default value to the variable declaration, isntead of declaring a default value for the variable itself.

UPDATE: New icon background for dirigible

UPDATE: Map and Posts block uses the new icon background.

## 5.22.05

Style Update: Made the ‘group’ block always be full width of its parent.

## 5.22.03

JK, now we’ve fixed the lightbox. (Fixed the lightbox for images that are taller than the viewport.)

## 5.22.02

Finally truly maybe almost actually fixed the lightbox?

Block Changelog

## 4.7.58

Added lazy load toggle to Hero block.

Added title to Site Preview block.

## 4.7.57

Use proper breadcrumb schema.

## 4.7.56

Add class to breadcrumbs block.

## 4.7.55

NEWL Breadcrumbs block.

## 4.7.54

FIX: Quote blocks now get the correct class applied. Thank you WordPress for no longer including the className in the className variable. Also we now allow alignwide for quoteblocks.

## 4.7.53

FIX: Structured list cards now fill their parent regardless of amount of content.

## 4.7.52

UPDATE: All blocks now have the ‘Dirigible’ category, so you can find them all in one place.

UPDATE: Updated the npm packages to the latest versions.

UPDATE: Photo and text block now respects its style on the backend.

## 4.7.51

Add prefix to counters, and allow for decimal points in the counting (for instance, $5.5mil now works!)

## 4.7.49

Add suffix to counters, so numbers can have things like “K” or “M+” after them.

## 4.7.48

Fix hero distancescover-image