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March 31, 2023 Feature Roundup

Current Theme Version: 5.20.66
Current Blocks Version: 4.7.12

The Nitty Gritty

Theme Changelog

## 5.20.66

NEW: Mobile menu options galore. You can now choose:

Hamburger Icon style, size, and color.

Close Menu Icon style, size, and color.

Drawer menu width.

The overlay color and opacity when the drawer is open.

UPDATE: Mobile options have been moved to the mobile section of the header. Slight renaming of customizer panels to be more accurate and descriptive.

## 5.20.65

UPDATE: Better compatibility for gravity form stripe fields.

## 5.20.63

UPDATE: Allow scrollable mobile menus in case something goes really, terribly wrong with site hierarchy.

## 5.20.62

FIX: Fixed mobile menu drawer not appearing for odd breakpoint settings.

UPDATE: New layout for better comment readibility and ux on mobile.

UPDATE: Post prev/nav will be exactly half width, rather than expanding to fit text length.

## 5.20.61

UPDATE: Changed some editor css for alignwide.

## 5.20.60

IMPROVEMENT: Moved gravity forms to their own CSS file that only loads if it’s installed.

## 5.20.58

FIX: Compatible with new version of gravity forms.

## 5.20.57

UPDATE: dirigible.js no longer uses any jQuery!

## 5.20.56

UPDATE: Changed popup js to native js for speed.

NEW: Added option to manually change Popup transient in Dirigible Tools.

BACKEND: Moved templating for popups to its own directory.

BACKEND: Moved popup js to only load if enabled.

BACKEND: Added generalized tool scaffolding to make it easier to add tool modules.

## 5.20.54

GDPR now uses native javascript instead of jquery.

## 5.20.53

Fixed pop up with a lot of content or very tall forms on mobile. This way users can actually exit out of it.

Block Changelog

## 4.7.12

UPDATE: Revamped the FAQ block to be easier to use.

UPDATE: Added change image buttons to backgrounds, heros, and grids.

FIX: Fixed alignwide to be consistent in the editor.