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Uhh, What is a Favicon and Why Do I Want One?

How to Update Your Site’s Favicon

Do you see that little orange circle with an airship in the top left corner of this tab?

That’s a favicon! They are the little icons of websites that appear on tabs, windows, links, and in your Bookmarks bar. Favicons are everywhere and they are a way of branding. It is also intended to make it easier for users to renavigate to your site when they have lots of tabs open–they can just look for your icon! It is good practice to set a favicon for your website and it is extremely easy to do in WordPress!

How Do I Set/Edit My Site’s Favicon?

  • In your Dashboard, on the left hand-side, scroll down and click on Appearances. Then select Customize.
  • In the side menu, select Settings.
  • Then, again in the side menu, click on Title & Favicon.
  • The section you want to be looking at is Site Icon located in your Dashboard column at the bottom. Here you can either remove your preset favicon entirely if you wish or set up/change your favicon. Click on Change Image.
  • You now have a couple options here for how to select your image. Looking in the top left, you can either select Upload files or Media Library
  • If you are uploading a new file, you will want to be in the Upload files tab and either drag and drop your file or browse your computer by selecting the blue Select Files button in the middle of the page. Once uploaded, make sure to hit the Select button in the lower right corner.
  • If you already have the file downloaded to WordPress, you want to be in the Media Library tab and click on the image you want to set for your favicon. Remember to save by hitting the Select button in the lower right corner!

Adding a favicon is really that easy! Your users will be grateful and your prevalent favicon will create brand recognition amongst your existing site visitors as well as potential visitors!

If you found this helpful and want to learn more about using your website and how to market  your brand – sign up for our Website Building 101 course with Dirigible!