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Dirigible SEO

Free, fast and easy search engine optimization for web developers & SEO pros.

Dirigible SEO is the easiest way to optimize your title tags and meta description for search engine optimization. We were tired of bloated SEO tools trying to do everything and slowing down our sites, so we created a way to manage title and meta tags without all the baggage.


Tired of repeating yourself? Use these keywords and they will be rendered with their replacement.

For example, setting the title of this page to {title} {|} {site} renders as Dirigible SEO | Dirigible Support. You’ll notice when you enter one of these keywords, its replacement will immediately be rendered in the search engine preview.

{title} {page} The title of the current page.
{sep} {separator} {-} {|}The separator you’ve chosen for your site. This defaults to .
{site}The name of your site.

Changing the default separator.

You can change the separator that your site uses in the Customizer under SEOOptions. By default, this is set to be , but some people prefer | or even //. Changing this setting will also determine what the separator keyword will render as.

How do I edit tags?

You’ll find the Dirigible SEO editing options on under the Document tab of the sidebar on the right-hand side of the page. Near the bottom of this pane, you’ll find an SEO tab. If its not open, clicking on it will expand to show its settings.

Dirigible SEO