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How to add a clickable telephone number to your website

Begin by navigating to the relevant page on your website, such as a contact page where you intend to insert your phone number.

Once there, select Edit and input your phone number in the appropriate section. Feel free to personalize its display with emojis or abbreviations like “tel:” or “t:” to signify its function!

Next, highlight the phone number and click on the Link option from the popup menu. You can also utilize the shortcut ⌘K on a Mac or Ctrl+K on a Windows machine to achieve the same result.

In the field to insert a link, enter “tel:+” followed by your phone number’s country code and the number itself. For instance, a phone number from the United States should appear as “tel:+11234567890,” where ‘1’ is the US country code and ‘1234567890’ is a placeholder for your number.

After inserting the number, press the Update (or Publish) button. The linked phone number becomes operational once you publish or update your page!