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What is a Site Title in WordPress?

Keep it simple! Use your brand name.

Your Site Title is simply how people find your website. It should be your business or brand name–that way when people search your name they are directed to your website.

How do I set or change my Site Title?

  • In your Dashboard, on the left hand-side, scroll down and click on Appearances > Customize.
  • In the side menu, select Settings.
  • Then, again in the side menu, click on Title & Favicon.
  • The section you want to be looking at is Site Title located in your Dashboard column near the top. Here you can add or edit your Site Title. Once you have entered in your Site Title, click Publish in the top right of the Dashboard.

But, what should my Site Title be? 

Your Site Title should be your brand name, business name, or something that describes what your website is about. For example, ours is “Dirigible Studio” and you can find our site if you search for it using that site title. You could also add a location or keywords to your Site Title

And what about my Tagline?

Your Tagline is the box right below your Site Title, which you can also set and edit. Your Tagline should be your brand strap-line or a keyword-rich description of your business. Think of it as a teaser or glimpse for what to expect when visiting your website. Once you have entered in your Tagline, click Publish in the top right of the Dashboard.

Getting something down can seem difficult, but remember you are just entering the basics here. Your site title is as easy as entering in your business or brand name. And if you later find you are unhappy with your site title or tagline, just follow these incredibly easy steps outlined above to update!