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My buttons aren’t centered even when set to be center aligned.

There’s a good chance that your buttons are inside of a columns block. When using blocks that support children alignment, you should be using those settings instead of individual block settings inside of it.

The text alignment option allows you to place your text anywhere inside of the child block. This is more useful than trying to control the alignment of each inner child block element, and is a combination of text position and text alignment. For example, setting the text to the lower right hand corner will not only position the text in the lower righthand corner, but also set right text alignment on all children.

Not only does this let us make sure your site will look good at any size, but this lets us respond to updates holistically.

Note: Because right text alignment is generally used compositionally on desktop, text set to be right aligned will automatically revert to left alignment on mobile to give your users the best experience.